How to Make the Best Choice

How do I make the best choice? How do I choose between the two? It all depends on what's most important to you. You choice when you do choose, can be the beginning of an amazing life journey or a life full of drudgery.  But the great thing about life is, you always have a choice.

You always have the choice to choose what feels honorable to you. And you don't have to choose immediately. Not choosing right now, is also a choice. And if you've chosen, you can always make a different choice.  

When you are ready to choose, how can you make sure your choices are in alignment with your deepest desires? How can you make sure you are choosing the right thing and you're making the best decision? You'll know by how your thoughts feel.

When your thoughts feel good, you're moving towards what you want. When a thought feels bad, you're moving away from what you want.

Your choices begin with your thoughts. You can choose a positive thought or you can choose a negative thought. Positive thoughts feel good. They feel exciting and joyful. They come from a real and genuine place and from your deepest desires.

When you are thinking positive thoughts and you feel good, you are being REAL. You are being your most authentic and genuine self. When you are real, you are radiating pure, positive energy.

So how do you become real so you can make more positive feel good choices that help you create an amazing life?

  1. First, know that becoming real is a gradual process. It takes time to shed the negative patterns, thoughts and limiting beliefs that hold you back. But you must let them go.
  2. Next, acknowledge, accept, and appreciate what makes you different from all others. The process of becoming real starts when you begin to feel good about yourself. Do not compare yourself to others, or you'll block the flow of positive energy.
  3. Learn to trust the wisdom of your heart. You can make creative choices based on what you know is right for you. Make it a habit to choose positive thoughts.
  4. You can meditate or read positive affirmations. Learn to change your thoughts when you recognize you don't feel good. When you begin to trust the wisdom of your heart, and you feel good, you're making progress. You are in motion, moving toward the things you want and in the right direction.
  5. Learn to endow even the smallest moment of each day with love. Begin with loving yourself. Love every part of you, as you wouldn't be on this planet if you weren't necessary to its growth and evolution.
  6. Embrace your feel good choices. When you feel good about yourself, you act from a place of love. When you act from a place of love, progress becomes reality perfected. Reality perfected is the ultimate choice.

With love,